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What Is Domestic Abuse?

Domestic abuse is a pattern of behavior in which one partner gains or maintains power over another. In Wisconsin, the most common relationship in which domestic abuse occurs is between former or current spouses and partners.

What Is a Restraining Order?

A restraining order is an order by a court for one person to avoid contact with another for a designated period of time. Two common restraining orders in Wisconsin are domestic abuse and harassment restraining orders.
A court will grant a domestic abuse restraining order if it finds a victim has been physically abused, threatened, or sexually assaulted by an abuser. A court will also grant a domestic abuse restraining order based on property damage alone if the court finds the victim is in danger as a result. In either case, a domestic abuse restraining order requires a special relationship between the abuser and the victim.
Harassment restraining orders are granted under similar circumstances as domestic abuse restraining orders. An important distinction is that no special relationship between the abuser and the victim is required to obtain a harassment restraining order.
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