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Do You Need Help With Court Order Enforcement or Modification?

If you need help with court order enforcement or modification, you need a reliable attorney with proven results. At Cervera Garcia Law Offices LLC., looking out for your best interests is our top priority. Call 414-763-5030 to schedule a FREE initial consultation and let our team of professionals help you enforce your court order.
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How Is a Visitation Order Enforced?

The first step is to review the court order. Court orders sometimes give noncustodial parents reasonable visitation rights. The point of granting visitation rights in vague terms is to leave the parents flexibility to create a placement schedule that is right for them.

If a visitation order designates specific placement times that the other parent routinely fails to comply with, an attorney can ask the court to enforce the visitation order. Visitation orders can be enforced in two ways:
  • Motion for contempt of court
  • Petition to enforce a placement order
A court may hold a parent in contempt for refusing to cooperate with a designated placement schedule. If a court does so, it can impose a financial penalty against the parent or, in extreme circumstances, jail the parent for as long as the contempt continues, but no longer than 6 months. Call us now!

How Are Child Support and Visitation Orders Modified?

A family law attorney can help obtain a modification of physical placement rights by showing a substantial change in circumstances. This decision is made in the best interests of the child.
In regard to child support, a court may be convinced that a substantial change in the supporting spouse’s economic circumstances warrants the modification of that spouse’s support obligation.

How Is Child Support Determined?

In determining proper child support, courts rely on Wisconsin's Percentages of Income Standard, which is meant to reflect the gross income the state presumes parents normally use for raising children. A court may increase or decrease the parent's child support obligation as deemed appropriate.

Qualified Representation

Should the court wander from established child support determination guidelines, representation by an experienced attorney is critical. Contact us for a FREE initial consultation and let our team help you resolve your dispute.

Make the Right Choice for Your Child

Dissolving a marriage or relationship can be very difficult, even more so when children are involved. Work with Cervera Garcia Law Offices LLC. to help you work towards your custody goals and provide the best possible outcome for your child. Make the right choice for your child and contact us today for a FREE initial consultation.

What Is a Child Custody Dispute?

A custody dispute involves a conflict between former partners or spouses concerning how and where to raise a child. In a best case scenario, the parents can reach an agreement themselves. Sometimes, however, an amicable agreement cannot be reached.

What Is the Difference Between Custody and Placement?

In Wisconsin, child custody consists of two parts: legal custody and physical placement. Legal custody refers to the parental right to make major decisions regarding the child's upbringing, such as his or her education and health.
Physical placement involves how much time each parent may spend with the child. The length of time varies from case to case and parents may be able to set their own placement schedule.
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